How to reduce negative effects of Mangla – Dosh | Guru Ji Dr.Raj

How to reduce negative effects of Mangla – Dosh | Guru Ji Dr.Raj Best Indian Astrologer in Dubai

What Exactly is Mangal dosha? Guru Ji Dr.Raj explained 

Mangal dosha is shaped because of the position of Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in a horoscope. Notwithstanding, in Southern pieces of the country, the arrangement of Mars in the subsequent house likewise brings forth Mangal dosha. In this manner, Mangal dosha totally relies on the arrangement of natal Mars in any of these previously mentioned houses. The individual burdened with Mangal dosha is known as a Manglik individual.

Kinds of a Manglik Person

Contingent on the difficulty and strength of the planet Mars and its place of position, a manglik individual might fall under following classifications

Before we order Mangal dosha, it is essential to know that Mangal dosha is seen from the ascendant, Moon and Venus in the birth graph too. Additionally, these are alluded while considering the retraction of Mangal dosha too.

A High Manglik Dosha: If Mars is put in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth houses from the ascendant, Moon and Venus or any two of them. The individual is known as a high manglik individual. The local needs to go through a few difficulties and battles throughout everyday life.

A Low Manglik Dosha: If Mars is set in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth houses from any of the ascendant, Moon and Venus, then, at that point, the local is distressed with a low manglik dosha. The local is somewhat manglik causing less than overwhelming seriousness. Soothsayers recommend that such dosha is invalidated after the finishing of 28 years old.

One may advantageously track down the pervasiveness or sort of mangal dosha by utilizing mangal dosha mini-computer as accessible at this page.

Wiping out of Mangal Dosha

It isn’t required that you are a Manglik individual, when you have your natal blemishes in any of the previously mentioned places in your introduction to the world. The best crystal gazer recommends different techniques for undoing of Mangal dosha. The retraction invalidates the terrible impacts as brought about by mangal dosha in the local’s life. It means quite a bit to meet a crystal gazer prior to faulting Mangal dosha for any undesired circumstance in your life.

Why just Mars and no other malefic planets cause this negative yoga?

In Vedic Astrology, the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are viewed as malefic planets. Out of these, Mars is a red hot planet that has hostility, energy, excitement, enthusiasm and suddenness. Mars advance these characteristics in an individual and let him/her advance by doing. Mars has characteristics of a warrior and consistently stays prepared to battle or protect the family. This is a forceful planet which acts without thinking excessively. On the off chance that beset Mars may likewise cause dissatisfaction, a lot of outrage, oppressive language, desire, disappointment, over guilty pleasure in sex and other pessimistic character qualities. Since, these harsh feelings can’t be dealt with in a delicate connection like marriage, the planet Mars isn’t thought of as steady to get concordance conjugal relations.

Is Mars generally thought to be Bad for Marriage?

Mars causes an individual to advance by doing. A manglik local needs to go through a few difficulties and difficulties to turn up as a cleaned and learned individual at last. Any remaining planets just bring pessimism however Mars throughout some stretch of time upgrades the character of an individual through difficult work done by him/her.

Mars is a substantial energy which is important in a conjugal relationship. Without any real fascination no marriage can make due.

Mars is called bhoomiputra for example it means land. An individual with solid Mars has a few terrains and properties. If there should be an occurrence of a marriage, whenever set well, assists an individual with remaining grounded.


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